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Description / Notes

I created this world to be a balance between looking nice and playability. I play with... well everything. Supernaturals, non-Supernaturals, families, singles, troublemakers, career-driven, homeless, etc. So I wanted areas where all would feel comfortable and at home. I also wanted to create neighborhoods that made sense for who lived there, the school and playground within walking distance of the family neighborhood, clubs and tattoo parlors near apartments, privacy for where my not so average Sims live. So Drifters End is what I came up with. Maybe it will fit your needs too.

I made sure there was a lot of space for expansion in the future, with empty lots and half developed lots, but it isn't obvious or noticeable. I did this for future EP and Store sets, as well as for people who have store sets now. For example next to the Tattoo Parlor is a space already set up for a massage parlor, it just needs the massage tables added. And in the Salon is a space set up upstairs for the mud bath/sauna item. And I left the large park areas in the middle of town empty because some people might want them for Seasons related lots while others might want a Big Show lot. I myself have placed a skating rink on one of the smaller park lots, but am still undecided about the other two.

With this in mind, I will be creating and sharing some lots made specifically for Drifters End individually. This way you can pick and choose, especially if you don't have an EP or Store Set that is needed.





If you are interested in seeing the progress I went thru making this world and/or captures from my game of the world in action, I have a thread over at The Sims Daily forum (registration required).

Save File

All EP
SP optional
(unless I screwed up, only the Gas Station should need Fast Lane for the gas pumps)

World: Medium
File: 40mb
Save File: 6.5mb

Residential Lots
: 37 total: 17 empty, 15 basic furnishings, 5 apartments
Commercial Lots: 17 rabbit holes (City Hall, School, Hospital, Police, Books, Grocery, Theater, Spa, Science, Criminal, Military, Equestrian, Diner, Business, Sports, Backlot, Gypsy Wagon), 24 Community built (Arboreaum, Cemetary, Chapel, Junkyard, Fishing, Vampire Lounge, Dive Bar, Dance Club, Fire Station, Supernatural Hangout, Salon x2, Elixer Shop, Gym, Consignment, Laundry, Dojo, Library, Museum, Pool, Playground, Community Garden, Small Park, Gas Station), 8 Community empty

CC Required: Awesims Cornices, WOE Distant Terrain & Build Items
CC Optional: LemonJelly Art, Deelightful Art, ATS3 Grocery Sets, WOE Art, Signs & Shelves

Most of the CC is used, with the exception of the Cornices and distant terrain, on the farm house lot, Gas Station, Consignment and Boardwalk lots. So not having CC shouldn't be too bad. The distant terrain is the only one that will be noticeable if not installed as there then won't be any at all.

Credits & Thanks: I used a couple terrain paints created by simsimillian and , and big Thank You goes to my Beta Testing Team over at The Sims Daily forum, Batsheba, Icemunmun, Deelightful, and himawara, you are the best!

Drifters End Seperate Lots For Download
Residential Community
2 Widows Watch Lane
Family Sports Complex