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Description / Notes

I made this lot for my Forest Fairy sisters. In my world there are three types of Fairies: Forest, Water and Shadow. Forest Fairies LOVE color. The brighter the better. So if color isn't your thing, you might want to walk away now.

I used the room on the main floor as the master, giving the top floor over to future children's bedroom and play area. Forest Fairies are all about being outdoors, so the main living area being small is OK with them. The large fenced in yard for their garden is far more important to them.

In Drifters End this lot is also steps away from its own private beach with an excellent fishing spot.


2 Widows Watch Lane
Size: 30x20
Stats: 2 bedroom, 2 bath, bonus room
Price: F 26,635 / UF 21,897
CC Required: 70's Fence by WOE
EP Required: SN, WA, PETS
SP Required: None

NOTE: When it says 'required', it means if you want the lot exactly as pictured. Otherwise you can still use the lot, it will simply have some things missing.