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Description / Notes

This is a community lot I built for Drifters End (but it of course can be used in any world you like). From toddlers to elders, there's fun to be had by all at the Drifters Family Sports Complex!

The building has washrooms, a seating area and a counter where you can make a complimentary hot beverage. A play area just next to the outdoor patio allows parents to keep an eye on the little ones while they practice their Soccer technique or their Golf swing.

Ambitions is needed for the Trampoline and Showtime for Golf. The rest of the activities are from Seasons. I set the lot to Big Park, and have found a good number of Sims come to it when I am there with my active household. But of course, you can set it to whatever to want.


39 Bridgeview Street
Size: 42x40
Price: 38,043
CC Required: Ticket Window by WOE
EP Required: Seasons, Ambitions, Showtime
SP Required: None

NOTE: When it says 'required', it means if you want the lot exactly as pictured. Otherwise you can still use the lot, it will simply have some things missing.