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How To Download and Install Items
To Download an item or set, simply right click with your mouse where it says 'Download' or 'Download Set', then select 'Save as..' or Save target as...' depending on your browser.

To Install an item, or 'package file', you must first open the 'rar' file. Then, take the files that have the .package extension and place them in your downloads folder. Your download folder can be found on your computer in:

MyDocuments>EA Games>TheSims2>Downloads

If you do not see a Downloads file here, go ahead and make one. And make sure to use a capital D for Downloads.

If you are downloading a Lot, Flooring or Wallpaper, the package file will look different. This is a Sims 2 Installable package. To install this you will need to double left click on it. It will take a little time but an installer window will appear. Simply follow the instructions.

We here at Sim Valley highly recommend that you use a program called 'Clean Installer' to install these types of packages. Unlike the Maxis one that will install any old broken junk, Clean Installer will let you know when it detects a problem with a package.

Our Policy For Meshes and ReColors
You MAY include meshes and recolors in your own lots for upload provided you include the text file provided with the item with your lot upload and it is not a paysite or a donation is required to download it.

You MAY NOT redistribute items individually on others sites.

You MAY recolor meshes and redistribute your recolor on other sites providing you include the provided text file with the upload, include a link back to our site for people to get the mesh file, and it is not a paysite or a donation is required to download it.

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